What Is Cloud Server Hosting

What Is Cloud Server Hosting Advantages and Disadvantages
In recent time, people are much getting connected to the online and digital field. So now there has been increased the competition of getting faster servers. This is how hosting is becoming popular nowadays. There are many types of servers, among which the latest form of technology is cloud hosting.
Cloud hosting is actually a hosting server which hosts the sites on virtual servers. Cloud server hosting is an alternative to Linux hosting and Windows hosting. Cloud server hosting is regarded as a better option from the shared hosting and VPS hosting, comparatively following the price for a single user who wants a better experience for hosting his or her websites.

What’s New On Cloud Server Hosting?

Nowadays, cloud hosting is mostly preferred by users and also getting much popularity among the people. This is because shared hosting and VPS hostings are part of dedicated servers, which are connected to only a single server.
But the clustered technology of various servers of the cloud server hosting makes it advance from the dedicated server hosting, which dedicatedly directs to the only single server. Cloud hosting gives a faster and better user experience than dedicated server hosting.

Types Of Cloud Server Hosting

Basically, there are three types of Cloud Server Hosting, these are

1) Public Cloud Hosting:

This type of cloud server is very easy to use the server for the people. This server offers a free or a very low-cost server which is publicly available. Though this type of cloud server costs very low charge, there is a problem regarding this public cloud hosting. A user cannot access directly to the server and also gets a problem to control their server. Apart from this, the server gives a lot of advantages, such as the low costing of the server, reliable, flexible and location independent.

2) Private Cloud Hosting:



Private Cloud hosting provides a lot of privacy to users. Even a user need not to share their information with anyone. Here, there is freedom of controlling their server. The biggest advantage of being in the private cloud server is secure. As this server is fully controlled by the user itself. This server is regarded as the most secure server from the protection of hackers, malware or phishing.

3) Hybrid Cloud Hosting:

As the name suggests, it is a hybrid cloud server, which is the mixing of these two above mentioned servers, ie public cloud hosting and private cloud hosting. Here you get the reliability, flexibility and low costing of public server hosting and also the super security of the private cloud hosting. Here you will get the benefits of these two servers. So you can go through the hybrid cloud hosting for your personal use.

How The Cloud Server Hosting Works

What Is Cloud Server Hosting Advantages and Disadvantages
As mentioned earlier, if the working of the cloud hosting is simply explained then it is a type of server that splits the data into many small segments and store it to many clusters of servers. This is the latest technology that helps the user to get a very good experience.
Unlike the dedicated servers, which stores all the data in a single server, cloud hosting servers manage to form a link between various small servers, so that they may get interconnected properly and can form a cluster. Due to this clustering technology, this server is named as cloud server hosting.

Advantages Of Cloud Server Hosting

The first and foremost advantage of Cloud hosting server over the dedicated hosting server is multiple server technologies of the cloud hosting server. This helps to reduce the problem of the working load of a single server which makes the server very slow. As there are multiple servers, the working load gets divided into various servers which reduce the pressure on the server.
Secondly, due to clustering technology, cloud server hosting provides a very secure environment for users. Where a single dedicated server provides only a single server which can be easily hacked, the cloud server hosting provides multiple servers, which protects the users from malware, hackers and pishing.
Cloud server hosting provides location independence to the user. As it contains multiple servers with several locations. This provides a workflow to the user, by which a user can access their data from any location.
If a user has a long term goal for his site, then he or she must go for the cloud server, as it saves a lot of time and money. With a very low cost, it provides outstanding performance to their client.
Last but not the least advantage of the cloud hosting server is its scalability. Due to the multiple server facilities of the cloud server, the user can expand or contract their server with their own need. This gives an advantage to the users to use it with ease.
As the cloud server hosting is the latest technology and gives a superfast experience to the users, it is most preferred and sold by the most prestigious and branded companies like Amazon, Digital ocean, etc. Day by day it is getting more and more famous due to its amazing features.

Disadvantages Of Cloud Server Hosting



The accessibility of cloud server hosting as compared to dedicated hosting is very less. The user doesn’t get enough control of their own server. This is considered as one of the greatest flaws of the cloud hosting server. A user cannot get much access to their server and has to contact their hosting providers for even a very small problem. Whereas in the dedicated server a user gets almost full access to their servers.
As this is a new technology, many modifications are yet to come to increase the user-friendly environment of the cloud hosting server. And also though within the price range it provides a very fast experience, but also compared to the other servers like shared hosting or the VPS hosting, which are the segments of dedicated servers, the price is very high.
So for a moderate user, the cloud server hosting seems to be expensive and it costs much higher for any moderate users. So it is not preferred by those users.





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