7 Things People Who Are Living Their True Purpose Do

7 Things People Who Are Living Their True Purpose Do

Would you like more purpose in your life? Would you like to wake up every morning to a more fulfilling, meaningful and passionate existence? In this article I am going to give you a beautifully simple step by step plan to creating a more purposeful life and at the end I am also going to reveal one simple thing that all happy people do in order to give themselves more peace.


“Spirituality is you deciding to go sailing”

There are 4 areas to your health spiritual, emotional, mental and physical and while they all play equally important rolls to your health as a whole, the foundational element of your health is your spiritual health.

Meditation is a great way for strengthening your spiritual health, but is only one piece of the spiritual puzzle. Living spiritually would be to live a life of kindness, forgiveness, gratitude, compassion and empathy while also taking time to be in the present moment throughout your day.

If you maintain your spiritual health by consciously Woking in these areas of your life you will have a solid foundations for creating a more meaningful and purposeful life.


“Your basic needs are you building your boat”

Before we can focus on enlightenment, fulfilment and creating a more purposeful life you have to focus on some of the more basic fundamental needs that all human beings have. Which would be sleep, eating, drinking, going to the toilet, breathing and movement.

These areas are the simpler and sometimes overlooked areas of personal development and sometimes we search for complex solutions to our problems when simply drinking a litre more water, sleeping an extra hour or doing 10 minutes of walking could help us overcome our problems.


“Self-discovery is finding your destination”

A simple process to get started is to grab a pen and a piece of paper and after a good meditation session write down all the things that if money was no option you would like to peruse.

What you enjoy

How/what you can learn

How/what you can contribute
and anything else you feel is relevant

This simple exercise will open your eyes to some of the potential that is out there for you. But this is only one piece of the puzzle and in later steps we will be working on making your ideas come to life.


“Goal setting is your map to your destination”

Once you know what you want it is a little easier to create your plan, so take what you believe to be the most important thing from your self-discovery list and create a step by step action plan for reaching that destination.

Your plan does not have to be perfect, as long as you have an end destination in mind you can add and take away steps when you feel necessary.

You will find when you start to write things out they become more realistic and reachable so create your goals and make the commitment to do something every single day to reach your goals.


“Taking action is sailing your ship to the destination”

This can sometimes be the toughest step, but if you have followed the previous steps you will know what you have to do.

You have everything worked out, you know exactly what direction you need to move in, now it’s just a matter of getting down to it and making that plan a reality and manifesting those dreams.

It’s great to have dreams but without this step, they will always stay dreams, so be strong, face your fears, get out of your comfort zone and take action in creating the life that you deserve!


“Self-management is maintaining your ship until you reach your destination”

When an idea is fresh in your mind you have lots of enthusiasm, you know what you want and how to get there. But sometimes a month or a year down the line you can lose a bit of enthusiasm. This is where self-management comes into play.

Self-management is breaking down your tasks into small bite size pieces and holding yourself accountable for it getting done.

You can do this by setting up personal accountability with an accountability partner or by creating a daily accountability charts and hanging it on your wall, this is just a piece of paper with a list of all the daily habits you think you would need for a successful month. You simply tick the habits off as you complete them.


“Acceptance is riding the waves on the journey”

This step is something you can use throughout the seven step process and it’s the one thing that all people who manage to find peace in their lives do and that is acceptance!

Acceptance of yourself.

Acceptance of others.

Acceptance that life is not always going to go to plan.

On your journey to creating a more purposeful life you are going to make mistakes, things will not always run smoothly and there are going to be times when you feel like quitting.

But you have to accept yourself when you have a bad day or week. You have to accept others when they let you down. You have to accept that sometimes things are going to be completely out of your control. You also have to accept that the only thing you will ever be able to fully control is yourself and your reaction to what life throws at you!

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7 Things People Who Are Living Their True Purpose Do