8 Clear Signs That A Girl Likes You

“Does she like me back?” this is one of the most common questions that might arise in the minds of most men all around the world because reading cues from women is not something all men excel at. And if you really do fancy someone, you would like to know what they are really thinking, instead of facing outright rejection from them. Before approaching them and letting them know that you are romantically interested in them, it is best that you know how they truly feel about you. Women are incredibly complex beings, and hard to figure out, no matter how close you are to them.

Things become further difficult to understand if your sense of judgment is clouded by your attraction and affinity towards her, and you find yourself helplessly daydreaming about her, yet not finding a cue about their opinion on you. If you are not sure about whether you will get a positive response on whether you ask her out, actually doing the same can seem to be a quite daunting task.

Getting the clarity that you truly need can be a blessing, and learning to observe body language and understanding the cues better can be helpful for your romantic life and partnership.

Below mentioned are few clear signs that a girl really likes you, more than as a friend:

1. You catch her staring at you:

If a girl is really into you she will look at you and observe you, or occasionally admire you from a distance. If you catch her staring at you in several different instances, you can be pretty sure of the fact that she is keen to know you and perhaps romantically interested in you as well.

2. She takes out time for you exclusively:

She might cancel plans with her friends for a one-on-one outing with you, she might want to spend time with you alone, hang out with you more. You find her waiting for you, and her eager eyes looking for you when no one else is. These little glances of hers are a significant indication that she really likes you as a companion.

3. She replies to your messages instantly:

If the girl really likes you, she will make you her top priority in many ways, and one of the ways she will give you more attention is by being there for you whenever she can – be it through instant replies to text, or replying as early as she can to your messages, or calling up whenever possible. If the girl is interested in you, she will make sure that she communicates with you on a regular basis.

4. She is comfortable with touching you:

If she seems comfortable enough around you and with physical proximity, it is good news because this is a clear indication of friendship. The playful camaraderie that you share with this person can bloom into something even more in later days, once things fall into place.

5. She blushes and seems nervous at times:

These reactions can be at the mere mention of your name, or something that you did for her, or any memorable incident of which you two were part. She might seem to be quite nervous and unable to put into words when asked how she sees you. These are clear indications that she sees you more than as a friend.

6. She seems to be more cheerful in your presence:

If the girl smiles more when she is around you if your most boring jokes make her laugh, congratulations! She clearly has a crush on you and experiences a mood lift when she is around you. Moreover, she might compliment you on the things you have achieved – indicating that she truly admires and respects you in every sense possible.

7. She licks or bites her lips unconsciously while she is around you:

Licking or biting of lips is considered to be one of the clear signs of seduction, and if the girl does it several times and in several different instances while being in your presence, she clearly has a sexual interest in you. She might be up for a kiss, or more with you, in the near future!

8. Her friends behave with you differently:

You will notice the changed attitude of her friends towards you- they might encourage you to spend more time together, they will clearly be a little less subtle with you about her feelings than she is. They might even be direct enough with you and tell you that their friend really likes you!

Look out for these common signals from her – look into the details mainly to have an insight into her mind. The more she repeats these patterns in her behavior, the more sure you can be of her feelings. If she reveals to you that she is single and open to dating, you can express interest in her as well, if you want to, and take things forward from there.

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8 Clear Signs That A Girl Likes You
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