How To Maintain A Healthy Relationship

Wondering how to maintain a healthy relationship with your partner? When you meet someone with the same vibe and thoughts you love hanging around with them, you just reveal the real you without feeling conscious and worried about other things.

Every human mind needs to have a connection and that is necessary for the following reasons:

To express your sorrows and pain: a mind connection is very helpful when you are in deep pain. As you speak your heart out you feel free and light.

To share your peace of mind and happiness: you got a job bonus, there should be someone with whom you can share that happiness and your peace of mind at that state.

To get motivated and inspired: your mentally and emotionally attached partner motivates you for your work and good deeds also inspire you with their good deeds. And if you are doing anything there will be someone to yell at you and explain the bads.

To have someone for whom efforts must be made: being an individual human you will survive by hook or by crook, but if you have someone to think about you will make efforts, and also you will be appreciated for those extraordinary efforts.

Let’s face a harsh reality there are no “perfect relationships”. Being a human being you will have flaws and also you will find in your partner that is normal to be imperfect. but now a question might bug your mind, how to keep healthy or perfect relationships?

Here are some tips that will help you to maintain a healthy relationship

1. Compatibility

Incompatibility is one of the biggest reasons for unsuccessful and unhappy relationships. Being compatible means not having a conflict. Ignoring conflicts and fights means be open to each other at a level where you don’t mess your mind but talk and sort the negative thoughts you have inside your head. In simple words be a friend of your partner before playing any other role.
One important note love and compatibility are two different concepts so one can love but it is not necessary to have compatibility.

2. Time

This makes you and your partner compatible. Make sure to give time to your partner daily, when you both can actually exchange your thoughts and feelings what you had all day. This will not only increase your mutual compatibility but the relationship will become happier and compatibility will increase.

3. Mutual respect

Friendship also requires respect. Don’t interpret that loving each other, being compatible, or being friends allows you to disrespect each other. There is a fact “give respect and take respect”. This is well proven that if you disrespect your partner, they will definitely leave you, and even you won’t stay if someone disrespects you, right?

4. Individuality

Before loving or accepting anyone, start loving yourself and be comfortable with yourself. If you are not complete then how will be a part of someone else’s life?
If you want a healthy and happy relationship don’t look for someone to complete your emptiness and hollowness, do it by yourself. And once you are with someone, be real and complete into yourself, be your partner’s compliment.

5. Personal space

Strengthening your relationship doesn’t allow you to kill your partner’s privacy. Give space to them and have space for yourself too. A ration is out there who lose their loved ones just because of being too possessive and obsessive. Being such is not bad but being too much is not right though!

6. Trust

Healthy relationships and trust are directly proportional to each other. For your better understanding, your parents trusted you for whatever you did in school or college and you too trusted them for food, and a wonderful lifestyle, they might not be able to fulfill some of your expectations but they were honest with you. Weren’t they? The truth of being honest and lively with each other keeps the relationships happier.

7. Open communication

Want to follow couple goals? Then have open communication with your partner. When you don’t think and speak, that honest dialogue of yours with your partner builds trust and you become their asset but not a liability.

8. Shared responsibility

Happiness comes when you share loads too. Just like happiness, one must share the workload, of course not the official ones but just the home things. Like if your partner is cooking help out. This is just an example but share the workload in every possible way.

9. Kindness

Have kind gratitude for each other. Be thankful, be very polite. And in aggression just talk and sort. The results will be shockingly happy for both of you.

10. Accountability

With such bold and open communication, with that wonderful trust and compatibility, a responsibility named as accountability comes. If ever you do anything wrong knowingly or unknowingly, just have guts to accept and apologize for that. And don’t repeat ever.

11. Care

Be caring. This is an obvious point. treat them best you could always.

These are also a sign of a healthy relationship. congratulation if you are maintaining already. This is how you can make anyone stay with you forever. Just remember be you, don’t fake around your partner, and treat your partner the way you want to be treated.

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How To Maintain A Healthy Relationship
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