I think we all have a setup of Wifi in our Houses Right? So we all think that I should give it a funny name. Funny Wifi Names will always Grab more attention and look pretty attractive when we see That Name in public place or so. 
The Wifi Names are Grabbing everyone’s attention day by day because everyone wants there wifi names to look something Different and Funny from others.







A list of funny wifi names that I’m Going to Give you Here, Is personally Handpicked by me. So Enjoy this List and Give your Wifi a Name, and Increase the excitement of using it again.


These 170 Epic Names will help your Wifi to stand out from the Crowd make sure to check all of them and select some of the best for your Wifi.



170+ Epic Funny Wi-fi Names for 2019

  • Don’t Press it’s Dangerous
  • Z+Security
  • Wi-fi Camp Owner
  • Danger Zone
  • Daddy Will Call You If You Click
  • Brain Stopper
  • Carry your Own Wi-fi
  • Why are you here?
  • Don’t Click Here to Die
  • Your Daddy’s Dad
  • 404 Network Error
  • Hurts you after Click
  • Thank yourself if you Unlock this
  • You Mother’s LAN
  • Take Hi-Fi instead Wi-fi
  • Net Under Construction
  • Wi-fi Under Construction
  • Dream Connection
  • Wi-fi needs Money
  • Wi-fi is on LAN
  • Error Try Again
  • Find My Key
  • Leave Me Alone
  • Daddy’s LAN
  • Loading…..

Going further we need to talk, Look Instead of Choosing only Funny Wifi Names we have Given you a variety that you can choose from just take a look at all of these names and make your Choice.
These Wifi Names are Unique and Handpicked by Myself, These Wifi Names will make you Different from other people who have their Old age names.
  •  Try but Don’t Cry
  •  Impossible
  •  You Can’t Unlock Me:)
  •  I’m Out of your Reach
  •  It’s me LAN
  •  Say Sorry First!!
  •  Your Ex LAN
  •  Tap ME if I’m your Dad
  •  I’m Busy Try Another One
  •  Be Cool but not Fool
  •  Accessing Me it’s a Waste of Time


  •  I’m New but Better than you
  •  Our LAN has the best Lane
  •  I’m Not Local LAN
  •  Tap on Your Father Fast
  •  Don’t Waste Time
  •  Wi-Fi needs Hi-Fi
  •  Benjamin Frank LAN
  •  Be Curious But Not Furious
  •  LAN needs Land
  •  Out of Reach…
  •  Connecting…
  •  Trust me if you Can
  •  Out of Network…
  •  Leave me Aside
  •  Don’t Tap on Me
  •  Try Another
  •  Branded LAN
  •  Unable to Access…
  •  Sorry you are Late
  •  Impossible LAN
  •  Son Needs Wi-Fi
  •  Sorry, My Son;)
  •  Higher than your LAN
  •  Password will not work
  •  Wait for 10 Minutes to Get Access


  •  Try Elsewhere
  •  Connect to Join…
  •  LAN zone
  •  Daddy is Calling you
  •  440 Volts Shock
  •  Hey!! Do we know each Other
  •  Inaccessible Sorry:(
  •  Try is waste of Time


 Wait a Moment Now If you are Reading all of these Wifi Names then maybe you find them interesting and I appreciate that I have many new names for your Wi-Fi but first let’s talk about what makes your Wi-Fi name more Special, the answer is you The Name you put the feeling it Generates means Every Wifi Name has Its hidden message some of them are sarcastic or some of them are attitude type Names.
I recommend you to Select Minimum 3 to 5 Best Names for your Wifi and select one from all of them. It will give you an Idea that what name will suit your Wifi Best. Did you get my Point? I think Yes!! Let’s Move Forward to some New Collection of Wifi Names.


  • Unable to Access
  • Unfortunately, I’m Lock
  • I’m out of Reach
  • Son needs LAN
  • Loser move Forward
  • Mother is Calling you
  • Oxygen is FREE I’m Not
  • hahaha Sorry:)
  • Click to Connect…
  • Feeling FREE
  • LAN that is Not Land
  • Personal LAN
  • Go and Get LIFE
  • Try till it Opens
  • Click to Open
  • LAN is Private
  • Your Bad Luck
  • Tap to Connect
  • LAN zone
  • Click to be my Children


  • I own this I’m not FREE


  • You can’t handle me


  • Bad Network Connection
  • Monday LAN
  • 24×7 BUSY Sorry
  • Contact to Owner First
  • Your Phone is Hacked
  • Battery will be Burst
  • Son touch Me Fast
  • Go to sleep
  • LAN of Night
  • Teachers Don’t need teaching
  • Forget your Gf to Get me
  • Fine Click to Connect
  • Key needed
  • Where is Password
  • Carry to Owner
  • Take Permission first
  • Ohk Connect Now
  • I wish you Luck
  • You need Support
  • Hahahaha
  • Fine you are Late
  • Dead connection
  • Best LAN is Land
  • Joyful LAN
  • Growing Security
  • LAN with Bodyguards
  • LAN is like GF you want but you Can’t
  • Lock without Key
  • Fired Up
  • Crying while Trying
  • Busy try tomorrow
  • Do it Fast
  • Continue
  • Feel Free to Tap Me
  • Unlock Me If You Can
  • Sorry Bro
  • Tap Me, Son
  • Give me Side
  • Hot as Sun
  • Live your Life
  • Go and Try elsewhere
  • Password is 00789
  • Meaning is Meaningless
  • My Key is Stolen
  • Don’t Tap Me Please
  • Moron, Who are You?
  • Stupidity at another Level
  • LAN out of Reach
  • Good Morning
  • How are you doing
  • Keep Trying
    • Never Give Up


  • Game On
  • Fired Up
  • Don’t Drink and Tap
  • Carry On
  • Why you are So Ugly?
  • First Take a Bath
  • Why you are So Stinky
  • Love me or hate me
  • Password is Not Available
  • Pass is your Location
  • Grind your Poop Brain
  • hahaha Its Ohk
  • If you Fail Jump from Terrace
  • Pass is your Mob No.
  • Busty Go elsewhere
  • I own You
  • I don’t need Security
  • Feel Free to Open
  • XoXo
  • Kinda Strong
  • Slide JoJo
  • LAN is like Plane
  • 007 James Bond
  • Smile Now


  • Busty Moron

What is LAN?


LAN stands for Local Area Network. LAN works and interconnects networks of different computers of a specific zone For Example A School will have its own Private LAN network and Hospital will have their separate Network.
It is very helpful as it gives the signal to all computers together it is so accessible and easy to use. LAN is very useful but only if we keep it safe.
Means in LAN there are Higher Chances of getting Data Leak of specific Organisation. Many Cases have come in 2019 talking about how cyber fraud has done with using some hacks on LAN (Local area network) This is a very Strong topic to look upon. Because if we do not pay attention to our LAN security than We have to compromise with our Data.
So the Point is LAN is very Useful as it Makes work Easy, but only if we take proper attention to its security on a Weekly Basis.
So, Wassup If you are reading till now, then it means you are pretty Interesting to safe your LAN. I have shared best funny Wifi Names with you, that will make your WiFi different from others.
A Unique and Funny WiFi Name is always appreciated by others and it gives the sign that the owner of this WiFi is also Pretty Interesting.
Wifi has it’s own Identity so why we are not taking care of it, No seriously I’m not Joking If you think I am so I am not… Ok. The Point is a Wifi Default Name is look as Ugly as Poop. So why we are all Ok with that we should try to put some interesting and funny wifi Names on that so it can look Good. …………………………………………………………………..
So, What’s the whole Conclusion of this whole conversation that we had above, the end is we should be aware of the small things that we use in our Daily Life we should be Creative with them so we can use them with Double Excitement and Energy as we are using Before so the point is we need some Kind of Mindset that makes us aware of what we are doing in our daily life, This is our Take on Funny wifi Names 2019 and What is LAN, We are here to not suggest some names but to suggest a feeling that we get in small things that we do in our daily life.

 So I think you have already chosen the Best name for your WiFi, I think my motive for making this post is completed. It’s a great time talking to all of you, Let’s meet in another blog post on which we are going to thrill you more than this one.



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