The Excruciating Feeling Of Failure And 6 Ways You Can Bounce Back

The Excruciating Feeling Of Failure And 6 Ways You Can Bounce Back
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If you are the type of person who wants to reach any level of satisfaction in your life then this article will be great for you. If not, why not! You can live a life of fulfilment and satisfaction, it just takes a little dedication and the ability to bounce back every once in a while.

One of the things that holds back many potential change makers of the world is a deep routed fear of failure, in fact in most circumstances this internal battle that you are facing is actually worse than the failure could ever be.

I don’t know about you, but I have had many moments in my life when there have been massive opportunities and alongside it that crippling feeling that if it does not work out my life will be over, Only to try and fail and realise that it’s not all that bad.

Don’t get me wrong failure can be painful, especially when you fully apply yourself to something and then get told- “Sorry but this is not good enough” it can demoralise you and make you feel like your work is not worthy of being shared.

Being a writer this is something that happens a lot, you write the perfect article. Not only do you think your article will get published, but you think it will go viral and spread across the internet like some kind of Australian wild fire. Only to get rejected or even worse published with 3 Facebook likes, 2 tweets and a single comment from your Mum saying- “Well done son, I am proud of you.”

The thing is you have to suck it up. If you want any quality of life you will need to make mistakes. There is no glory in playing it safe. So shoot so high that even if you miss you have still done something bigger than most people dream of.
Next time you feel like you are facing a failure of epic proportions just remember these 7 ways to stay motivated.


Even Spiderman failed at one point! He took off his suit, retired, crime went up and people hated on him. Just look at all the movies he comes back with a vengeance time and time again. Spiderman fails and he has web shooting wrists, so what kind of chance do we stand!?!?

In all seriousness though, take a look around. Who do you look up to? Who do you listen to? Who is the person, that when they speak you absorb every word they say? Who in this world is your hero?

If they are someone famous know that their road was scattered with failure in the exact same way yours will be. If you don’t know there story, check them out on Google or even send them an email.

If they are a family member or someone easily reachable, ask them about their failures, connect with them and realise that this is all part of the process.

You fail, your hero’s fail, everyone fails! And it is usually the one who fails the hardest that is trying the biggest things. So next to you feel like a failure, know that you only fail big by aiming big!


Don’t run from your failure, its happened and now you need to process it. Was it preventable or was it just bad luck? What was your role in the failure?
Don’t put processing your failure on your to do list, if it is painful and needs to burn badly for a week for you to move forward then so be it. That is the better option than the slow burning feeling of resentment that can burn for years because you refuse to process what has just happened.

Take it in, process the emotions and then move on to being awesome again!


If you don’t have a mentor, you should get one. The best type of mentor is one that you can talk to in person, but there are also mentors you can seek out through many other sources like YouTube videos, books and articles.

If you are experiencing failure look for people who are successfully doing the things you want to do and reach out. Send them an email, tell them you want to learn and ask if they have any guidance.

People are usually a lot friendlier and accessible than you think, so reach out and if you don’t hear back from them within a week or so follow up. Just try not to take it too personally if you don’t hear back from them, it’s just the way things go sometimes.

Mentors can be hired these days, so if you are in a position to hire someone whose advice can guide you on your journey then you should do so. But this is not the only type of mentor you can have, some people will help you for free and sometimes the people we least expect can become mentors. Our mentors can even be unaware that they are our mentoring us.

So keep your eyes peeled, as the right people have a tendency to show up when you are ready to hear what they have to say.


There is no weakness in taking time out and sometimes the best and most productive work will come as a result of a break.

If it is all too much for your body and mind it’s okay. If something is telling you to take time out then do it. Just don’t be lazy as weeks can turn into months and then months into years.

If you truly in line with your purpose and what is important to you, but just feel a little confused, then take time out, Spend some time doing something different and when the time is right return to make your mark on the world.


If taking a break is not the right option then consciously seek to pick yourself up. Hit the gym, focus on your spiritual practice and do things that will light a fire under your ass.

Visualise, look yourself in the eyes and tell yourself that this is just a setback and nothing is going to stop you being the person you want to be.

Affirm, reassure and physically tell yourself that today is the day that you are going to do your best work. Do whatever it is that works for you to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep on moving forward.


Jump on YouTube and watch a motivational video, go to a seminar or speak with a performance coach. Sometimes it doesn’t even matter exactly what the person is saying, if they have that high energy then they can spark that motivation inside of you.

Look at Elliot Hulse, Eric Thomas or Tony Robbins, these guys are great motivators and if you are feeling a little down on yourself because life dealt you a little failure try to absorb the energy of those who are able to bring you back to life and get you back on the road to success again!

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The Excruciating Feeling Of Failure And 6 Ways You Can Bounce Back