5 Fantasy Movies Which Have Or Will Come True

5 Fantasy Movies Which Have Or Will Come True

With a lot of what is portrayed in movies actually being based upon real events, sometimes there is a fine line between fiction and reality. We are desensitized to violence and disaster because a lot of it seems so familiar. In this article I want to go through 5 fictitious movies which have either come true or hold some truth in reality!


The Day After Tomorrow is the story of a major environmental catastrophe which develops as a result of environmental irresponsibility. This triggers global superstorms which throws the planet into a complete state of turmoil and disaster.

While we obviously haven’t seen anything quite like this yet, the atmosphere on the planet is definitely changing. We have irresponsible destruction of the rainforest, the polar ice caps melting at a remarkable rate and the temperature and sea level rising year by year.

All of this has an impact on our ecosystem and is creating natural disasters, and while we haven’t seen anything quite like The Day After Tomorrow, natural disasters are on the rise. There was an average of 400 disasters a year throughout the 1980s. Which increased to 630 in the 1990s and to 730 in the past ten years. The highest recorded number of natural disasters was 960 which occurred in 2007.


1984 is based on George Orwell’s book of the same name where Winston Smith works in the records department in the Ministry of Truth. He is tasked with rewriting and distorting history, while him and the rest of the community he lives in are under the intense surveillance of big brother.

While surveillance has now become a part of everyday life, in 1944 when this was written it was not so prevalent.
We can now be tracked on our mobile devices, watched through our webcams without our permission (if someone with the knowhow decides to do so), we are recorded everywhere we go on CCTV and now civilians are also contributing to the surveillance by recording things on their mobile devices.

Privacy is not what is used to be and if needed our internet history can be pulled up and data can be matched to get a pretty accurate description of who we are and what we are doing.

1984 was a fictitious film that represented tyrannical control over a nation, which was exercised by complete invasion of privacy, that fiction is now a reality.


The Matrix is the story of Neo (Keanu Reeves), a computer programmer and hacker who gets led into a secret underworld which reveals that our reality is one big illusion and what we think is real, is actually a computer programme in which we are all slaves to an artificial intelligence.

While I am not saying this has come true, the analogy of the film is the reality that we live in. Most people live in a system where they are not free. Where the illusion of freedom exist because they are technically free to mostly do as they please, yet they are totally reliant on the system to provide their needs.

Slavery comes in many forms and the best slave is the one who thinks he is free. But how much freedom do we truly have? Freedom to be compliant within the paradigms of what is currently dictated as our reality is the freedom we currently have. I am not trying to be negative as we can still enjoy life and work towards a solution. But this is what we live in.


There are many films like these with similar storylines so I didn’t want to single out one. But in a nut shell it is the story of artificial intelligence becoming too smart and becoming a threat to human kind.
If you go into the supermarket you can self-serve, factory jobs are being taken over by machines and if you take a look at the artificial genius Google, they have the ability to predict future events such as financial markets, geopolitical news, industry changes, public figures, technology, information security and even pandemics and illness.

A world where machines do a lot of the heavy lifting in order to allow humanity to move forward with more important agendas sounds like a great idea.

However due to the current paradigms of society it would be unlikely that we would all benefit from machines taking over most of the hard work as wealth and resource distribution is at an all-time low.


Limitless is a movie in which writer Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper) takes a drug which gives him the ability to perform superhuman tasks. Eventually the drugs have terrible side effects and end up destroying his world.

The world of smart drugs also known as Nootropics is now upon us and while they have been shown to have some benefits. For some of the drugs the risks definitely outweigh the reward.

Drugs like Ritalin and Adderall have been shown to have side effects like nervousness, anxiety, sleep problems headache and increased blood pressure. They are also addictive so there is the risk of becoming dependent upon the substances.

Modafanil however is a smart drug that has been proven to be safe for use in the short term. But you cannot help to think of Limitless as a warning and it still does beg the question- what are the long term implications.

Thanks for reading, let me know if I have missed any movies that turned out to be a reality by leaving me a comment below!

5 Fantasy Movies Which Have Or Will Come True