Examples of Compliments for Men To Make Them Fall For You

Appreciation, compliments, being understood, feeling special, making someone proud, these are the emotions and gestures which make anyone work better and also make them feel highly confident about themselves. Talking about men, they improve their working, they fall for your love again just compliment them.

For a minute just go back into nostalgia, when you were in school and think about that first appreciation by your teacher, parents! Did it felt good right?

Society always counted on men but forgot to appreciate them, sometimes their efforts even go unnoticed too. This might make them feel low unknowingly.
Complimenting men or appreciating their work isn’t that difficult; they just need to be noticed, after all they also play multiple roles in their life, be it a child, brother, husband, father, and grandfather. While being in so many roles throughout the lifespan they always sacrifice their happiness just for their loved ones.

Why compliments are important for men?

Men need to be heard and noticed, So many men feel a kind of pressure by our society to work, to feel responsible but no one appreciates the efforts put up by men.
When a loved one, a mother, wife, or kids compliment men they too feel cared for and safe. Once you compliment men, it works like a fuel to work better and proper for them.

How to compliment men?

Be sincere to men

Whatever you say, be sure that you are genuine with your thoughts. This means that men must feel that you genuinely mean what you say.

Compliment the work

Everyone enjoys being complimented for the hard work they do! Don’t they? Men are not different but they are mainly known for their work. It doesn’t matter whether you work with them, or you are their family, but complimenting men makes them feel very special. Maybe he talks passionately about what he does, or you might witness him working on your own, either way, he will love being complimented. Complimenting men for work doesn’t mean that you must ignore their skills but compliment them for that too.

Try exercise! Today when your men return from work ask him about their day and appreciate them for their hard day and compliment him for his work. Then see the happiness and smile on his face.

Compliment their looks

Have you noticed that men don’t fill their wardrobe with clothes but they have a pair of clothes for every occasion and combing their hair neatly, wearing polished shoes these are the must which you will definitely notice in your men. Also, they look after their body very well.
When it comes to typical men things, when you compliment them for their physical looks and attributes, they might blush for that. And honestly, men do take care of themselves a lot.

Make him feel important

Aside from his job, looks, how can you make him feel more important? Talking about importance just make sure that you are on his side. There are some statements which you can say to your men and see how it feels.

Examples of compliments for men:

  • You are awesome.
  • I love your presence around me.
  • You are the best thing that happened to me.
  • You are so thoughtful.
  • I respect you and your work.
  • You look so different in this dress.
  • You are so charming.
  • You own positive energy.
  • You complete me.
  • You are good at fixing things.
  • You are very insightful.
  • You are attractive.
  • Your motivation works.

If your men cook, don’t forget to appreciate their cooking. By saying like your food is so tempting and mouth-watering, your food is so good.

Then there are some more ways to compliments which I should explain.

You keep me happy:

Have you really expressed the joy he brings to you with his endeavors? Appreciate the small steps he does for you, be it opening the door for you, or pulling out the chair to sit, or just smiling when you look at him! Just believe that he is a teddy who must be appreciated for his efforts to make you smile.

You make me feel like home:

Home means warmth, comfort, peace, and being with your man might make you feel like home everywhere. So just remind him that, how special he is to you, what place he owns in your life.

I believe in your dreams:

Make sure that like always men take your stand, you also do the same with him, make him develop that self-confidence into him for his work. You also should believe in his dreams, this gesture will boost him for everything he does for your happiness.

I will always be by your side:

This sentence will not let him feel broken ever, and whenever he feels so he will come and upfront you with his thoughts, which will end up in removing negative thoughts.

You are inspiring:

Men love to inspire others with their behavior, work, and thoughts. So remind them that they inspire you in many ways.

These are the compliments that will be loved by your men. Strengthen your relationship.
And who doesn’t love to be appreciated so don’t forget complimenting your men, and also show gestures which makes him smile. These things end up supporting your men mentally.
Remember one thing men work to make you comfortable and to make you feel special, you are just required to take his side always and notice his efforts.
That’s all a man wants from their family.


Examples of Compliments for Men To Make Them Fall For You
Photo by Moose Photos from Pexels


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