How to Celebrate Holidays Remotely When You Can't Be With Your Family?

Holidays are a great means of having fun and being with our dear ones. But it becomes gloomy we have to celebrate holidays remotely without family. Isn’t it?

You might be out of town, your family might have gone somewhere they couldn’t return from before the holidays. Or if you are settled enough, you might have shifted to your new home.
These are the days when we long to meet our families and spend lots of time with them.
If you are not feeling to celebrate because your mood is down, it’s okay do not pressurize yourself for anything. Just lay down and relax.

In 2016, mental health charity Mind found that every one out of ten people between the age of 25 and 35 has no one to spend their holidays with, due to various reasons.
If you are craving those Instagram holiday pictures but are without family, then you can follow the list of ideas we have come up with.

Ways to celebrate holidays without family.

1. Connect with your family via video calls:

These days, living distance apart isn’t a problem. You can always connect with your family over voice and video calls. This would give you a boost of spirit that you might be lacking typically on a holiday. Like on Christmas, you can spend hours talking to them when you are unsure how to celebrate.

A family is always a place of worship. To celebrate without family feels worse.  When we live close to them, we don’t care that much. Ask people who have to stay away from families due to work, how do they take care of their moods.

2. Decorate homes:

This is an artistic way to spend your holiday. If you are good at art, dive into making cards, wall decoratives, get some balloons and you are good to go. But if you’re one of those people who don’t know how to make them, turn on Youtube and discover them right away.
Try changing wallpapers or rearrange your bookshelf. You may move furniture for a new room vibe.
You may try out some ideas from

3. Surprise yourself:

Most of us have become too lazy to step outside and buy things and when it’s a holiday you can’t think of it. Try ordering presents for yourself to get delivery during the holidays. It’s a good idea that keeps you hyped. It could be anything like a new dress, shoes, PlayStation, kitchen appliances, house decoratives, books, and a lot more. Even you can ask your parents to send you gifts when they are away.

Life can be hard. But it’s you, who needs to find out what remedy will give you instant relief

4. Watch tv shows you always wanted to:

Maybe you used to be so busy that you could hardly manage time for watching half an episode.

Now is the time. Join Netflix. Start watching the trilogy movies and the whole brand new season of your most awaited tv show.

Watching movies alone is a great experience. I personally prefer watching my favorites alone.

So this holiday, try investing more time on the OTT platforms!

5. Try new recipes at home: 

If you have good culinary knowledge, then you can invent new recipes, add new techniques to the newly made dishes. To celebrate holidays remotely seek help from your mother, via call. Our mothers are the best chef for us, no matter how good anyone else might cook.

Cooking is a great way of celebrating. You may try some continental, Thai or Italian dishes. Get good menus on the internet. Take good photos and post them on Instagram.

Your food blogging series is right ahead of you. Just go for it.

6. Travel:

Are you new to the city? Own a car or bike? Then bang!

If you are new to the city, you can take a road trip. Visit new places, cultural monuments, good sightseeings, clubs, and many more.

Try outdoor activities and make a list of a to-do list that starts with, hiking, cycling, paragliding, and others. Accompany some friends who might share the same interests.

Holidays are for fun. Do not sit in front of a screen and try to enjoy virtual travels. That won’t give you the pleasure, a real journey could give.

7. Have a short hangout in the city with friends: 

Short hangouts and group tour across the city is a good idea. Outdoors give us immense happiness and good nature vibes.

Some have an in-house party on holiday, but I prefer to go somewhere out of the house when it comes to holidays. If you are new in the city or might haven’t visited some places, take this to the opportunity to fill the gaps.

Try to have actual fun when with friends. It happens to many of us, that we just pretend to be happy only because others are, then don’t hang out either. Try something good at home.

8. Volunteer in charity shops:

Well, what could be better than being with people who really needs help?

Raise funds for a cause and volunteer in charities. Many NGOs need people to take care of their services, especially during holidays. This is a good way to celebrate holidays remotely, as many people take off shifts for celebration. So if you are willing to do something, when not around your family, you can actually help such NGOs.

This is a good way to utilize your time as well as be of help to others.

9. Invite closest friends for dinner:

If you are cooking something authentic tonight, don’t forget to call your friends.

If you are an introvert kind of person, you may arrange for a small get-together and dinner. Most of our friends are foody and loves the idea of dining at a friend’s house.

Ask them their favorite dishes and make a list. Don’t forget desserts.

When we are away from our parents and family, we feel lonely and moody. But that won’t solve the issue. Rather, try some fun ways to celebrate holidays remotely without family.

You know that you can have fun, alone. So just do it.

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How to Celebrate Holidays Remotely When You Can't Be With Your Family?




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