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Every person has a different vision to see life, everyone is different from his attitude and personality. To express who you are and what’s your attitude is towards the life we need the best attitude quotes that will help you to express yourself in front of the world. 
So if you don’t have Quotes that define what is your attitude looks like so don’t worry we have the best hand-picked attitude quotes in our collection so Pick anyone that suits your personality.


1. Don’t be Average be Savage

2. People talk behind my back because they know I’m successful and they have a topic to talk about me.

3. I am going to rise the weather if you hate me or love me.

4. I don’t care about what you understand I only care about what I told.

5. Hope is for losers winners get what they want no matter what it takes.

6. I’m not ignoring you it’s just I don’t have time for Dumb people.


Best 50+ Attitude Quotes and Images for FB

7. I am kind enough to forgive you for your mistake but not foolish to trust you again.

8. People try to pull you down because they know that you are above them.

9. I’m not arrogant it’s just I don’t like you as a person who you are.

10. Liking you is in my hand but convincing you to like me as well I’m not going to do.

11. Always try to challenge yourself because no one is going to come and give you a silver spoon.

12. I don’t know who the hell are you If you hurt me once.

13. I don’t choose Dreams by seeing my comfort zone like other people.

Best 50+ Attitude Quotes and Images for FB

14. Don’t dare to hurt me because I don’t want to kill you.

15. Stars get jealous by me because I’m at the height where they can’t.

16. I’m not Odd it’s just I chose the road to success that is empty.

17. If I’m kind that don’t think that I’m foolish.

18. There are fake faces than real so try to be real if you want yourself to be happy.

19. Maybe I don’t win the game but I can change the rules that can win me.

Best 50+ Attitude Quotes and Images for FB

20. Our choices don’t match because I don’t like cheap things like you.

21. I don’t want to be a slave in heaven Instead I want to be the King of hell.

22. Don’t stop at failure because you are doing the things that are different and unique from normal people.

23. You are not too smart it’s just I’m not taking action in your market.

24. Don’t teach what you have learned because if I get mastered in that field than you have to work anywhere else.

25. I’m not like your Ex who has time to convince you to like me.

Best 50+ Attitude Quotes and Images for FB

26. Many people will try to put you down because they don’t want anyone to get up.

27. Stars only shine in Dark, which means if you are facing failures than you are going to shine soon.

28. If you do what you love that you become who you are.

29. If I’m ignoring you then it is the sign that you are not valuable for my time.

30. Command yourself like a boss in life, if you don’t want other people to be boss on you.

31. Your sister is my Gf because not she likes me, because we are enemies.

Best 50+ Attitude Quotes and Images for FB

32. Numbers don’t matter but time is, so don’t waste because it is too short.

33. I’m not over smart it’s just you are not capable to think like me.

34. People will hate you when they get jealous of you and they only get jealous of you when you are successful in life.

35. Leaders don’t get born, it is a process that only some people can achieve.

36. You are my love but I cannot compromise my self-respect because I love myself more than you.

37. I’m not doing a hurry it’s just I am the hunger for Success.

Best 50+ Attitude Quotes and Images for FB

38. My back is not a mailbox, don’t talk behind my back.

39. Sky gets jealous because my success is higher than his height.

40. Dumb people start fast and end fast, but smart people plan and then start and never end.

41. I’m the Coal in the Cave of Coal, Be the best.

42. Hope never ends but actions end on results.

43. Kindness is not the sign of stupidity so take it seriously and stay away from me.

Best 50+ Attitude Quotes and Images for FB

44. People will treat you like shit if you treat yourself like shit.

45. Leaders don’t need anyone because they knew that the world is full of jealousy.

46. I’m not changed it’s just I grown-up and you should too.

47. Challenge yourself every day if you want to grow every day.

48. Time is limited but you are not, do whatever you love.

49. The only difference between you and me is you are dependent upon luck and I believe in my actions.

Best 50+ Attitude Quotes and Images for FB

50. Fire inside me is enough to keep me hot this winter.

51. Don’t trust on me because no one knows when you mistake and I get against you.

These attitude quotes will help you to express who you are not as a fake person but as a real person who you are. If you put the right status that is related to your life attitude than people will know you better than before. 
These attitude quotes are full of Ego, Success and Love you can choose any from these as per your personality.


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